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It is the first Mauritian forum for German Rock band Cinema Bizarre. Feel free to join us ^0^
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 Cinema Bizarre Interview xD

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Cinema Bizarre Interview xD Empty
PostSubject: Cinema Bizarre Interview xD   Cinema Bizarre Interview xD I_icon_minitimeTue 14 Oct 2008 - 6:58

"Our music is fantasy, glamour, looks, style. Forget about
stereotypes! Maybe we provoke. Or maybe, we just want
to play…."

They are unpredictable. They are impressive. They are a unique
world, which only began to open its doors. They are Cinema
Bizarre. Five young people aged 18 to 23 years, who blew up
German leading charts with their powerful hit Lovesongs (They
kill me), appeared on the musical Olymp last year in August.
Why they became such a sensational Parish? The fact that
managers of the group are Tilo Wolf (Lacrimosa) and Eric Burton
(Catastrophe Ballet) has been impressive in itself. What should
be the potential of young group that such professionals felt it
necessary to spend on it their forces and time?
Starting rapidly rise on the success ladder, Cinema Bizarre have

no hesitation in front of the public to present not only their original
style, but also their original music…. And what is Cinema Bizarre
style? You can't just simply name it. Their debut work called Final
Attraction ©️ Universal Music has assembled seemingly incompatible
styles: these are glam-rock, and power-pop, and j-rock with
energetic plots of electronics and visual key, which is so fascinated
among young people nowadays. To understand the meaning of so
many words, it is worth listening music of the band. And not just
two or three tracks, but an entire album. Through painstaking and
thorough mixing of styles, the album turned out to be very rich in
its musicality. Included two cover versions of the songs "She waits
for me" (original of Protocol) and "Spaceman" (original of Babylon
Zoo) stated strong enough that this though still young group has
its own style which is not limited by whatever boundaries and limits.
Certainly, thanks to this fact it is extremely difficult to find such
tracks which couldn't find its audience according to the Internet polls.
But the band is impressive not only for their creativity. The appearance
of this group and ability to present themselves merit special attention.
Members strikingly differ from each other and at the same time make
an excellent and complete image of the whole group. Maybe this is
why votings for "the most attractive member of Cinema Bizarre" have
no leaders.
So who are these guys? The most senior member - Luminor (23),
keyboard and second vocal of the band, attracts attention with his
heartfelt gaze and aristocratic style with a slightly gothic bloom. He
has a somehow unusual for pop music deep voice, which contrasts
with very melodious vocal of Strify (19), frontman of the band. He
affects with his plasticity and live mimicries in conjunction with the
whole gallery of images - from sports to classic, and his inexhaustible
magnetism attracts all around regardless of gender, orientation and
age. Bassist of the group Kiro (20) - the very embodiment of child
immediacy, charm and optimism, and his bewitching smile can not leave

anyone indifferent. Guitar parts performs Yu (19) - young man forced
to rotate others heads on him thanks to the image of visual key.
Drummer of the band Shin (18) - the youngest member who has a
model for a perceived Shinya from Dir en Grey, obviously going to
outdo his idol - it is enough to listen his Intro during live performances
held in Special Fan Event Tour, during which Cinema Bizarre pleased
their fans with Meet & Greet after each concert.
"We always do what we want. We are a mixture of different styles,
tastes and images, this is our highlight. We are five individuals, we
do not resemble each other, and no one is seeking to imitate anyone."
- Strify says, and he is right. Cinema Bizarre has always presented
themselves and their ideas in totally new unexpected roles. What can
be demonstrated only by their appearance on the red carpet in Cannes
(France) at 26th of January 2008 while attending the NRJ Music Awards
ceremony. By refusing to usual entry with the whole group marching in
front of cameras, boys staged a show of their exits, each one being
vivid and memorable.
And the boys once again proved that they absolutely do not adhere
to standard rules and principals and once and for all secured their status
Bizarre so well supported not only by image and music, but also by the
name of the group.

Touch the button,
you should sit and listen,
watching as a tear rains in to a broken heart...
Cinema Bizarre Interview xD Vvbgw
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Cinema Bizarre Interview xD
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