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 Cinema Bizarre Rockoon Interview

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PostSubject: Cinema Bizarre Rockoon Interview   Cinema Bizarre Rockoon Interview I_icon_minitimeTue 14 Oct 2008 - 6:29

Cinema Bizarre Rockoon Interview
My Source: http://cinemabizarresr.soglam.net

Rockoon: Imagine one of you would not get home after strolling around Berlin and he would not have his mobile phone with him. Where would you go looking for the relevant person? So, where would you look for Kiro?
Yu: In bed! That's actually where he's most likely to be found. (laughs)
Shin: In a furniture store where the bed's are (he always sleeps)!
Luminor: Hm... probably in a sunglasses store. Or, if it's evening already, in a club!
Strify: Looking for Kiro is useless since he's disoriented – always and everywhere. Therefore I'd simply go home because that's where he knows how to get to. And he easily gets tired.

And where could Shin be?
Yu: In the band room!
Luminor: Most likely with his drums, I think.
Strify: Shin is possibly stuck in the Underground or in an elevator.
Kiro: Shin is on the suburban train on the way home!
Shin: No idea, I'd initially look for myself in my thoughts.

And Strify?
Yu: With the CDs...
Kiro: He succumbed to a shopping frenzy and is spending all his money.
Shin: At the chocolate factory.
Luminor: Strify's a hard one... Best search the whole town.
Strify: I hardly ever have trouble finding myself.

And Luminor?

Yu: In a crypt! (laughs)
Shin: In a dark spot... where the Barbies are. (laughs)
Strify: He's buying cigarettes somewhere.
Luminor is missing.

And where could Yu be?
Strify: He is still standing where we lost each other, waiting...
Luminor: I'd leave Yu alone for as long as possible, maybe he just wanted to have some time alone.
Shin: At Subway® (are ads allowed? (laughs))
Kiro: Yu is playing World of Warcraft.

Let's look ahead: Are there already plans when you'll go to the studio and record a new album ?
Shin: (grins)
Strify: We already talked to the people of the record company about new ideas and I wrote some new lyrics. It's all at a very early stage, though. First of all we concentrate on promotion abroad. And travelling about might be an inspiration. (grins)
Luminor: At the moment, we already are in the midst of a minor creative process, meaning: We are collecting ideas for songs, and Strify and I already recorded some demos. We do not rush things though, rather try to find an unhurried approach. For now, the releases of the new album abroad are pending.
Yu:I often write lyrics and riffs down, I have too many ideas at times. (laughs)
Kiro: Of course we already have some ideas for songs, we try to find a relaxed approach and concentrate on the upcoming dates! Afterwards we'll surely move on. (grins)

„I learned that everything goes on, no matter what happens.“ (Kiro)

And now let’s ignore your own music for once: Assuming that you would like to record a mix tape or a mix CD for a certain girl, what would the first three songs be?
Yu: -miyavi- Neo Visualizm, DespairsRay TRICKSTeR, the GazettE Shadow VI II I.
Strify: Just can´t Get Enough von Depeche Mode, Sensual Seduction von Snoop Dogg, Supermassive Black Hole von Muse.
Luminor: (Don´t Fear) The Reaper von HIM. Moon River von Sarah Brightman gesungen. Und The Music of the Night aus The Phantom of the Opera.
Shin: She waits for me, Silent Scream und Forever or Never.
Kiro: t.A.T.u. Gomenasai, Within Temptation All I Need, Britney Spears Heaven on Earth.

Each one please try to describe yourselves in five words!
Yu: Well, sometimes I am a seal. (laughs)
Kiro: It’s always difficult to describe oneself! I think I am cooperative, b.itchy, moody, open-minded and determined!
Luminor: Eccentric, contradictory, unseizable, frozen (to death), burnt!
Shin: Drummer, quarter, eighth, semiquaver, thirty-seconds.
Strify: Self-centred, clumsy, honest, ambitious, lazy.

What does your fridge essentially and necessarily need to contain?
Yu: Cold!
Luminor: Hm... Buttermilk, a quirk of mine.
Shin: Ice. (beams)
Strify: Water.
Kiro: Our fridge isn’t too full at the moment, but what I always need is soy pudding! (grins)

How can each one of you relax best?
Yu: With a really phat Blowjob... that’s a c.ocktail! [Translator’s note: There are several different c.ocktails with said name.]
Shin: On the beach in the sun.
Kiro: At the solarium!
Strify: I can best relax when I’ve accomplished something – after work, so to say. And then lie down in bed and drink a cup of hot milk with honey.
Luminor: I can hardly ever relax. I’m an unresting person. Inside, I always feel like I need to go on. The fear of missing out on something I might find when I press on...even if I don’t know what it is.

How do you deal with boredom, how do you avoid it?

Yu: Well, Strify recently got himself Tetris, he seems to be really desperate. I mostly play games when I’m bored.
Strify: Simply go out and see what life has to offer. Sometimes I also like being bored though. But only for one, two days. Afterwards I need to find something to do again.
Luminor: Actually, I’m rarely bored, there’s just too much to do... it’s only on Sundays that I like to be bored, I hate Sundays, it’s like being buried.
Kiro: Whenever I’m bored, I lie down for a while and sleep or I watch a movie!
Shin: Go to the band room and play drums.

How do you feel when you meet criticism?

Strify: Well, with opinions it’s the same as with not a very nice persons: everyone has one. Always depends on what kind of criticism it is. If it’s entitled, there’s no problem, but there are a lot of people who want to do nothing but vituperate.

I can best relax when I’ve accomplished something – after work, so to say. And then lie down in bed and drink a cup of hot milk with honey.“ (Strify)
Shin: I totally snap and beat my band mates up! No, only joking, I take it very calmly and as a hint about what I could possibly do better.
Yu: I like to accept criticism, don’t like to face it though.
Luminor: Depends. As long as it is well founded and the person who criticised us knows what he/she is talking about, I can accept it well. If I'm aware of the fact that the person has no idea about me at all, I couldn't care less.
Kiro: Critisism is always fine. We need to know how others judge us, doesn't necessarily have to be something bad!

And whose criticism do you appreciate?
Yu: The one of the people who showed me how to play the guitar.
Strify: The one of someone with experience and a professional background.
Shin: Mine. (laughs)
Kiro: The one of f everyone who thinks he/she is a critic...
Luminor: Cannot answer that... I'm always criticised, I'm used to it.

What's the last book you read? Would you recommend it?
Yu: I'm currently reading Elfenritter – Die Albenmark, very recommended! It's already the fifth part of Bernhard Hennen's Elf Saga, and I love his books! [Translator's note: Bernhard Hennen's books are not available in English or any other language yet, he's a German author.]
Kiro: That was a long time ago. The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, very recommended, I literally devoured it, even though I'm not much of a bookworm!
Strify: I used to be a real bookworm, didn't get to read a book in a long time though. I think I read the last two books when I was still at school. Once The Reader by Bernhard Schlink and then The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde and I would recommend both of them to everybody.
Luminor: I read Santa Evita, a thriller about the disappearance of Evita Perón's body. Very enthralling and a sometimes shocking reality.
Shin: Nope, wouldn't recommend it, I don't want to give the title either, was a present from my grandma. (laughs).

Imagine you get stuck in an elevator. Who would you want to be with you?
Shin: Cinema Bizarre! (laughs) And then I would sing Aneka Japanese Boy!
Yu: A funny gnome who dances! Or the pizza service... Best would be someone who could get me out. (grins)
Kiro: Julia Wolkowa from t.A.T.u. (laughs)
Luminor: Someone I love. Everything else must be unbearable.
Strify: An attractive and entertaining person who I get along well with in order to have a decent “conversation”! (grins)

What's the most important experience you made since and with Cinema Bizarre?
Strify: Everything.
Yu: You can't trust everybody; that's something I already knew before, of course, only not so intense. All that glitters is not gold...
Luminor: That detaches time and time again... I think, that's been it... and suddenly there's the next experience. Chances are that I might be able to definitely answer this when my life is ebbing away.
Kiro: Cinema Bizarre did change my life a lot after all, and I'm really glad all this happened! I learned that everything goes on, no matter what happens! You should savour every day to the fullest. (grins)

Touch the button,
you should sit and listen,
watching as a tear rains in to a broken heart...
Cinema Bizarre Rockoon Interview Vvbgw
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Cinema Bizarre Rockoon Interview
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