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It is the first Mauritian forum for German Rock band Cinema Bizarre. Feel free to join us ^0^
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 itz been a time xD

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Age : 24
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Registration date : 2008-10-20

PostSubject: itz been a time xD   Tue 2 Dec 2008 - 0:11

Well,I registered here a moth ago,or ...Idk anymore,but I was among the first ten members here.So,I didn't post anything here ,yet,but it doesn't mean that i didn't want to.I wanted but had no time for the internet.U kno,school ruins your plans.
Well,here i am now.
I'm screammyangel and I usually use my pseudonym when I'm working on net.
On sites like tagged,you can find me as Leena Wolf,but only my really close internet friends know my real name.So if you're curious,try to win my heart.
I love meeting new friends,but I'm very tight when I'm chosing my real friends who I can chat with.I chose only the ones I think i should have to.If you don't begin a conversation with something interesting with me,I kno I'm just not for ya.I'm simply always hyper and I'm always trying to find something to do,even if it isn't that interesting as it seems.
So,don't wanna bother you with my philosophy anymore,I'm gonna make this story shorter.
I am a big CB supporter and i really like their music.I'm an administrator of Cinema Bizarre Balcan forum team,so you can join there too.We're planing to call them to hold a concert in Serbia.xD,it'd be cool,and I'm really sorry that Luminor had left CB.I love reading Fan Fictions about cb members,and also checking out the newest drawings and handworks by their fans.I started listening to them a year ago,when the lovesongs was released,and thx to my dear friend ChoChoBeyoch(mia,anchi etc. I mean she has a plenty of nicks,xD) I fell in love with their music.They remind me of Depeche mode+Duran Duran+t.A.t.U
They really have something special.
Sooooo,oh damn...i'm late...I have to go now,but i'll finish the presentation of myself later...see ya an bye bye,wish u all the best with this forum(and as i noticed,it looks douzen times better then the old one,congz Shylia,and say hello to your little bro!<3)
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shylia magnum
Die Hard
Die Hard
shylia magnum

Number of posts : 455
Age : 27
How are you feeling? : Frei!
Favorite CB Member : All of them ♥️
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Registration date : 2008-10-04

PostSubject: Re: itz been a time xD   Thu 4 Dec 2008 - 22:29

My dear Screammy angel! U're here yay! Oh I totally understand you... School really ruin plans but it somehow is important....
Oh u've got a good presentation here and you've said what you had to say :0) and thanks soooo much, i'm happy that you prefer this layout, i like it too, but I'll be changing the backgound and making other chages... The prob is that sometimes the internet connection sucks so bad that i can complete my designs...... grrrrrrr...
Yes, the news of Luminor leaving the band made me sad too but if he had to go for his best and the band's best, then it's fine.... U're Serbian forum is soooooo dam awesome lovely and your members are really active while here, it seems like a graveyard...
anyway, i'm glad u're here and I'll tell my bro to hit u back
Very Happy

Touch the button,
you should sit and listen,
watching as a tear rains in to a broken heart...
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Wild M@gnum
Wild M@gnum

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Registration date : 2008-10-13

PostSubject: A little peck on the cheeks 4 u.   Fri 5 Dec 2008 - 20:47

Dear ScreamMYangle,
It is indeed a pleasure to find u here I love you I perfectly understand that u were busy. The fact is we were all busy these days bcuz of school but now we try to come as often as possible, especially me. Soooo sory i'm unable to answer u on tagged 4 i will soon b deleting it; bcuz they have deleted my account and reactiveted it.I had a lot of friends but i've lost them all.
I will definately stay in touch on buzznet, here, n ur forum. I have to say it is a previledge 4 me to be friends with u, angel in disguise...
I hope i'll meet u here soon,
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Not yet a fan
Not yet a fan

Number of posts : 77
Age : 27
How are you feeling? : good :D
Favorite CB Member : all of them Very Happy
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Registration date : 2008-10-05

PostSubject: Re: itz been a time xD   Sat 6 Dec 2008 - 20:35

Yeah we (almost) all must go to school and do other things what stops to come here or anywhere else so we understand you really well!!!
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PostSubject: Re: itz been a time xD   Fri 19 Dec 2008 - 4:55

As me too Cool
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PostSubject: Re: itz been a time xD   

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itz been a time xD
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