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PostSubject: Kiro's secret Love   Kiro's secret Love I_icon_minitimeTue 14 Oct 2008 - 7:06

Why doesn’t Kiro have a girlfriend? How was his first time? What does he think of one-night-stands? And who is the girl in the picture? Exclusively in Yam! Kiro tells about his love secret.

Platinum blond hair, green-blue eyes and a look which makes the girls hearts beat faster. No question about it; bassist Kiro is the absolute Lady-killer of Cinema Bizarre. In Yam! the 19-year-old explains why he would rather stay single and he talks about his first time…

Yam!: It’s hard to believe that you are still single…
Kiro: To be honest; at the moment I really don’t want a girlfriend. To start something with a girl right now is not appropriate, I think. I want to concentrate on the band and then I couldn’t care about her. That’s unfair.

Yam!: What does you dream girl look like?
Kiro: When it comes to girl, I’m very picky, I admit that. She definitely shouldn’t be bossy, one who only complains and bosses everyone around. Also, she should simply have a great charisma. It should click the first time I see her. But she doesn’t have to be a fan of Visual Kei. I don’t care about her styling, as long as she takes good care of herself and doesn’t walk around in garbage bags.

Yam!: What do you think of one-night-stands?
Kiro: I’d like to get to know people first before anything is going to happen. One shouldn’t treat woman as lifeless things; in, out and goodbye. I find that completely wrong. If, even, I would probably start an affair – your more involved in this way.

Yam!: Do you have experiences in/with sex?
Kiro: My first time was at 14 when I was on vacation in Turkey. I got to know a very nice girl there. She had long hair, was really sweet and had a great charisma which completely knocked me off my feet. First, I was extremely shy and quiet. But I told myself; Go for it, this is a one of a kind chance. So I set out to become closer to her in those 10 days I was there. And I did…

Yam!: Meaning?
Kiro: At day 5 we were alone together in the hotel and I collected all my courage and kissed Tatjana. And at the end of our vacation, something more had happened – we had slept together. It was the first time for the both of us.

Yam!: And, how was it?
Kiro: For a first time, not bad. Maybe I hoped for a little more. But the first time makes a connection and that’s why I’m sorry it didn’t work between us.

Yam!: Why not?
Kiro: We live 400 km away from each other. Even when we met each other twice after the vacation, it wasn’t the same. When we saw each other for the last time, it became clear to me that this wouldn’t work out. She was a wonderful woman but it wasn’t meant to be. I did send her a text message because I somehow wanted to remain in contact but I didn’t really try, either. We haven’t contacted for a year now, sadly. She was nearly perfect. At the time I didn’t realize what she was to me. I’m sorry how things went.

Yam!: Why don’t you just call her?
Kiro: I’m an absolute thinker. I always ponder things and imagine how things are gonna go – if it weren’t better to leave it like this. In the meanwhile I’ve become a lot more outgoing, thank God, and maybe I will call her up..

Yam!: Ehmm… Who wanted to stay single?
Kiro: Just friends of course. (yeah right)

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Kiro's secret Love
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