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 Rockoon Cinema Bizarre Part 2

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PostSubject: Rockoon Cinema Bizarre Part 2   Rockoon Cinema Bizarre Part 2 I_icon_minitimeTue 14 Oct 2008 - 7:02

R: How do you deal with the unjustified reproach you took your optic style from Bill from Tokio Hotel?
Yu: That drives me nuts- I think you can see clear differences, the people should open their eyes and ears!
Kiro: When the people see us the first time they connect us to Tokio Hotel instantly, but we are a completely different band than Tokio Hotel, they should see it at last when they listen to Love Songs (They Kill Me). We have other origins than Tokio Hotel and we have used make-up for a long time. I think both bands can exist next to each other quite well.
Strify: I got used to telling people that we're not just a copy and where our origin is. We looked like that before we knew Bill. The people are not used to see androgynous guys. They just see the conspicuous hair and our make-up. People who didn't know Tokio Hotel felt more remembered to guys like David Bowie or Limahl.
Luminor: Ah, when someone has this opportunity and talks to us openly about that, it's ok, he will see that this is irrelevant.

R: There is not much glamour in the German music scene at the moment. Do you want to change that?
Strify: Yes of course. They often don't care about their style which I can't avoid myself. But this has nothing to do with the quality of the music of the bands.
Kiro: This is what we want; we want to bring some color into the game.
Yu: Sure, there has to be variety.
Luminor: We already changed it.

R: What does glamour mean for you?
Yu: I think glamour is something special, something which the people look at. That's important. (grins)
Kiro: To take care about how you look. To live your style without any deficit and to grant you some little things.
Strify: A lot of people make them down or think in a dark way. A lot in the world doesn't work but this little glamour is a little shine for me. A little luxus between all the stress and the sorrow you take with you. But glamour is not just to twinkle and glitter but a Tim Burton-film full of dark glamour which entertains me, too. (laughs)
Luminor: Glamour is a spice of life.

R: Can you be always honest (to yourself) in a world of glamour?
Yu: Yes. I am. (smiles)
Strify: For me it's more like when I'm not styled and walk around just in jeans and sports shoes, I don't feel good. You don't have to get blinded by the glamour. When you know yourself well enough, you are honest to yourself.
Kiro: Glamour is a part of me; I don't feel good when I don't use any make-up for example.
Luminor: When pessimists can't be honest to themselves in a world without glamour, why should they be in a world with glamour?

R: Why is your styling so important for you and why don't you want to walk around like the mass?
Yu: You show that you are important to yourself and that you are individual which every human is- but nearly no one really tries to present this which is somewhat stupid.
Kiro: My style developed after a while; to not be like all the others is apart of me, I don't care what the others say. As long as I feel good with it, I'm it to 100%.
Strify: It was always important to be myself and in the past I was the opposite of what I'm today. I was shy, tried to hide from the others. Always did what others liked. I was never happy with that until I dared to change myself. The more I looked different to the others, the better I felt. And because I followed the mass, it's even more important just to do what I feel right with.
Shin: Just to be yourself- it doesn't matter if you're a part of the mass or not.
Luminor: I just live what I am; I don't care how this is named.

R: What do you think is the reason that most people look boring and don't care about how they look?
Kiro: I think there is a lot of pressure or a lot of people don't even dare to try something new, that's what we want to say! Have the courage for styling and don't let others tell you what to do!
Yu: I think some don't care enough about themselves because a lot walk around like that; others don't dare to be different from the mass.
Shin: A huge amount of people get stuck in the stress of daily life and don't grant them anything.
Luminor: They don't have a reason and don't think about it. Clothing just has to be appropriate.

R: You share a flat. Does it work well or are there some fights from time to time?
Yu: Strify, Kiro and I share a flat. It works well but sometimes we stay awake for too long. (grins)
Strify: It's a normal way. (grins) We have some fights but it's quickly ok again. Normally I'm the one who smashes the door then...
Shin: I visit them very often and if I lived together with them I would always shout at them because they have never something to eat.

R: Before you went to Berlin- were your lives easy? I think everyone of you is a mixture of loner and individualist. That's not always easy, is it?
Strify: Because I changed nearly from one day to another I lost many friends but found many new ones. At school I had to make the people see that I'm not worse than them just because I look different. It took a while but then I grew popular and had some fans who thought I was great the way I looked like. People who shouted bad things at me were just pitiable.
Kiro: It happened very often that there where people who didn't get on with me, especially at school. I didn't have bad experiences, but I felt people were distant even if we got along quite well. But I don't care and so you see who your real friends are, who accept you for the way you are.
Yu: I was a loner most of the time and had problems with finding friends but the few -but really good- friends I had were always there for me.
Luminor: It wasn't easy, no. My life was a fight... And I had to go through this fight alone.

R: Everyone talks about tolerance. But nearly nobody lives it. Why do you think is talking about that the only thing which happens?
Strify: People are blind and think wrong about them. Everyone thinks about himself and is afraid he doesn't get anything he could.
Kiro: Most think they are tolerant though they aren't. I think tolerance is rare.
Luminor: It's easy to talk about things... As long as you talk about it you don't have the duty to do so.

R: Do you try to be tolerant?
Luminor: Me definitely.
Strify: Yes, that's natural for me and I hope that I really do so and not just think about it like many others.
Kiro: Of course I always want to be tolerant! But it's another thing to really do so without thinking about it.
Shin: I think I'm really tolerant and many people could take me as an example.
Yu: I tolerate this.

R: A genus which is dying out is: "Gentlemen". What is a gentleman for you?
Strify: I never thought about that. My first thought is that this is someone conservative who thinks manners are important. Modern gentlemen could be someone who is polite, educated and obliging.
Kiro: For me a gentleman is a person who is obliging, helpful and polite.
Shin: For me the generation of gentlemen already died out.
Luminor: Today that is unfortunately already the men who have the essential manners.

R: Do you see yourself as gentlemen in a way?
Strify: I try to be polite and obliging but I think I like it too much to burp than to be a gentlemen. (laughs)
Kiro: I don't see myself as a gentlemen but I try to be polite and half other people.
Luminor: Yes I do.

R: Who is the perfect gentleman?
Strify: I think Johnny Depp is a gentleman.
Yu: Jack Sparrow is one.
Kiro: My grandpa is a gentleman.

R: Sometimes the girls make things complicated. I'm sure you know this scene: You're alone in a bar or a café. At a table next to you are two pretty girls who are whispering and giggling. This wouldn't be that bad if they wouldn't always look at you... How would you react in this situation- would you blush then?
Yu: I would go to them and talk to them, what else? (grins)
Shin: Why should I blush? People always stare at me.
Kiro: Smile at them and maybe go over (grins), I've got nothing to loose.

R: Something else: Why the name Cinema Bizarre?
Strify: First we had the word "bizarre", because our message is that it's good to be different and one should be proud of what he is. But this was not enough. After some creative try’s we found Cinema Bizarre. We are all fans of films and want to show something like a great film at our concerts like in a cinema. So the name is for us five and our show.
Luminor: "Cinema Bizarre" means a collection of non-mainstream-movies... far away from the mainstream, just like we are... so the name fits perfect.

R: The design of your single cover reminds one of the futures. If you think about that we live in 2007 and how someone in the 90's imagined life in 200X it fits perfect. What is the most impressive building that was built in our millennium?
Strify: I think a lot of the old buildings are impressive because they are so detailed and in the past it was more expensive to build them than today. In this millennium buildings which are very technical are fascinating. I love compositions of glass and light. But I can't name a special building.
Kiro: I think the Buj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is a unique building because the construction and the place of the building are fascinating.
Luminor: The building on www.cinema-bizarre.de at the middle of October... just wait for it!

R: 15 to 20 years ago humans often thought it would be great to have a mobile phone. Today nearly everyone uses a cell phone. Which technical release do you wish or hope for?
Yu: The capsule in which you can put everything -doesn't matter how big it is- and they doesn't weight anything. Like these things in Dragon ball.
Shin: Something with beaming.
Kiro: I hope for a robot which washes the clothes and irons. (grins)

R: At what in your future are you looking for?
Yu: Vikki Blows.
Shin: Our next tour.
Kiro: I let it surprise me, what will happen.

R: What is fortune?
Yu: Fortune is when great things happen.
Strify: We five had a lot of fortune in the last time.
Luminor: Not to think about what fortune is.
Kiro: Everyone has fortune but not everybody uses it!

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Rockoon Cinema Bizarre Part 2
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