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PostSubject: Rockoon Cinema Bizarre Part 1   Rockoon Cinema Bizarre Part 1 I_icon_minitimeTue 14 Oct 2008 - 7:02

Rockoon: In your new clip Lovesongs (They Kill Me) you used a huge amount of dolls from shop-windows. How did you get this idea?
Strify: It was the idea of the director- for the idea of the location. We had some inquiries of directors but this one was the one we were enthusiastic about from the very beginning. The plot of the video we worked out together with him.
Yu: We didn't want to make the usual video in a warehouse but wanted to say something with the video. These dolls were suitable for that.
Luminor: The dolls should show the past love.

R: Have these dolls a special charisma to you, though these are dead objects?
Strify: While we made the video I saw the dolls just as dead objects. The dolls which attack me at the end always caught my hair. They seem to be more living in the video than when we made it- with the special effects and the eyes which open.
Yu: They are a symbol for the general mass of people who are all the same when you look at them, pretty but dead. We make them alive with our performance.
Luminor: Their charisma is for me, cold but hurt. Maybe more grown stiff in pain. Really near to the life motive, isn't it?
Kiro: You can interpret them in a lot of different ways; they can be old lovers too, which become more and more alive. Though the dolls are dead and naked, they have a kind of elegance to me; every doll has its own body and carries different gestures and facial expressions. That makes them individual!

R: Imagine you walk at night through an empty street and get the feeling a pretty doll in a shop-window moves and looks at you... How would you react and feel?
Yu: I would go to the doll, take a close look at it and hope I've just imagined it. (laughs)
Strify: I think, if I were alone, I would just go straight on, as if nothing happened but with a strange feeling.
Shin: I would be startled and feel observed.
Kiro: I would be startled at the first moment; one you would think the doll becomes alive for me.
Luminor: I think I would especially take a look at its eyes- try to read what it feels or wants to say.

R: Does the title Lovesongs (They Kill Me) mean that it's impossible to listen to a "lovesong" when you have sorrow because of love? Has one the feeling this song would tear out ones heart whilst listening to it?
Kiro: It's about listening to lovesongs everywhere in a time where you yourself can't stand it; the lovesongs tear out your heart, yes.
Yu: "Tear out" works, it is as if your heart gets damaged with every line and every tone of the song.
Luminor: That's one aspect of it, right... Unfortunately love leads life, in the good and the bad sides, and it is impossible to escape

R: To which music are you listening when you're in sorrow because of love? Aggressive or depressive?
Yu: I mostly listen to aggressive and frustrate the sorrow away.
Luminor: The depressions are sometimes really aggressive.
Kiro: Nothing from both, I watch a nice horror film. (grins)
Strify: Depends on the sorrow. Sometimes depressive, and after I cried a lot and painted everything black, fury gets me out of the depth. Then I should work it out.
Shin: More depressive, but aggressive songs too. Sorrow is like a roller-coaster- but without the fun.

R: Though lovesongs can kill you in unlucky situations- will there be a "lovesong" by you?
Yu: Of course!
Strify: Love does not ignore us, but you can't expect that we'll sing "happy lovesongs" about how we just fell in love or an "I love you always and forever".
Luminor: Sure! Lovesongs is a lovesong in a way... Love has not just good sides.

R: What is love for you?
Yu: Music is love!
Strify: This is a question I don't like because the answer quickly sounds kitschy. One answer from my view: Love is a confirmation for you.
Kiro: Love is being there for each other, someone you can trust blindly.
Shin: Love is, when two people like each other a lot. (grins)
Luminor: An island in the sea of time which you can visit every time.

R: And which are the "things" you think are the most erotic ones on a girl?
Luminor: That's totally different for the five of us.
Yu: On a pretty lady, nearly everything is erotic. But I mostly like a sexy stomach. (grins) But the rest have to be ok, too!
Kiro: Charisma, face, eyes, figure, hands.
Strify: I love lips and I think legs are sexy.
Shin: Long hair, eyes and the mouth.

R: How long was your longest relationship?
Yu: About two and a half years.
Strify: About one year.
Shin: I don't know. Suppressed it.
Kiro: One and a half years.
Luminor: Three and a half years.

R: Why did you break up?
Yu: I was 13 and too young in mind; I think I wasn't really ready for a relationship. (smiles) But I learned a lot from it!
Strify: We met each other in a time I was really insecure and during our relationship I developed so much that we were so far from each other that it wouldn't have worked any more. We ended in making each other reproaches and broke up in a fight.
Kiro: We got more and more separated during our relationship, too.
Luminor: The person died.

R: Even when you think the world would end after breaking up a relationship and you didn't want it- what gives you the strength to get up every morning and go on?
Luminor: THAT'S a question I ask myself very often, too.
Yu: The thought that you have aims you want to reach and that you shouldn't get disturbed by that.
Kiro: Even when it's hard, one has to take all his strength and go on! It doesn't change something when you're depressed, life goes on and there will be times which will be nice.
Strify: What makes you go on? It's a good question. I more think: Why should I hide from the world completely? When you spill out your sorrow for a few days you can take new strength from that and start again or make an end and learn from what happened.
Shin: Music.

Touch the button,
you should sit and listen,
watching as a tear rains in to a broken heart...
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Rockoon Cinema Bizarre Part 1
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