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 Christmas interview with Luminor by Official Russian Luminor Support Winter Light

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shylia magnum
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PostSubject: Christmas interview with Luminor by Official Russian Luminor Support Winter Light   Tue 24 Feb 2009 - 20:26

What is the best thing ,what was happened to you in Xmas? (by Off Latvian Strify Support)
Lu: I am sorry but there are no specific things ...i only remember that the christmas times of my childhood were wonderfull fairy-tales to me.

What does it mean the word "Christmas" for you??? (Off Italian Luminor Support)
Lu:Nothing special any longer ..unfortenatly

It's more important for you to celebrate christmas with your family or with your friends? (Off Italian Luminor Support)
Lu:I love to combine both ....my family also loves my friends.

Do you want something special for this Christmas? (Off Italian Luminor Support)
Lu:No, not really...at the moment i am quite in sadness, so i just wish some peace .

What was the best present for u from your fans for Christmas? (Onyx L. Moonlight)
Lu:I once got a gift-set of thierry muglers angel perfume...

Do u make Christmas wishes? (Jenny)
Lu:No, i don..t do this any longer.

When was your happiest Christmas time? (Jenny)
Lu:This was in my childhood...there all christmas times were wonderful

Do you have the same feeling of Christmas as we all had in our childhood? Or now you’re too old to be a child sometimes? =)) (Marika)
Lu:I don..t think that i am too old.There are some parts of me that still do not shame to feel child -like...But i have no good feelings fopr christmas any more

What do you like more-to give presents or receive them? (Marika)
Lu:I enjoy both i guess.

Is that a tradition to you to have a Christmas tree? (Marika)
Have you ever had the black X-mas tree with white ornaments? If not, will you have it someday? (Nina)
Lu:I don..t have any christmas trees.I don..t know if i would like the black one ..mybe i would like it but i would spend no money on something like that .

Which of places to celebrate X-mas will you choose and why: a) old castle somewhere in Europe and snow is quietly falling down all around, b) center of any European big city, incredible snowfall and traffics c) somewhere in the city, outside there is fast no snow, but the house is full of people, whom u love. (Sad Night)
Lu:Difficult . I would prefere the castle i guess but not if i would be alone there .I would have fund with the people i love in the house i guess, although it wouldn..ßt be my favourite location .

Have you ever believed in Santa? (Alla)
Lu:No , i never did.

In what place or country would you like to spend X-mas and New Year? (Alla)
Lu:I don..t care about the place ...but i would be happy if i could spend it with my love.

How do you celebrate X-mas? (Steffi_Loves Lollies)
Lu:I don..t have any traditon on that ..i celebrate it however it is possible.

What is more important for u – X-mas day or birthday of Empress Elisabeth? (Cheyrane)
Lu:I guess the birthday of the empress.

What is the ideal X-mas for you? Can you describe it? ([tantrum])
Lu: I am really sorry , but i don..t have any suggestioins on that any longer .

If we speak about X-mas time, so it is always connected with winter. What does «winter light» mean for you? (Fantasy/Official Russian Luminor Support ~Winter Light~)
Lu: When i hear this name i always think of chrystal tears.

Touch the button,
you should sit and listen,
watching as a tear rains in to a broken heart...
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Christmas interview with Luminor by Official Russian Luminor Support Winter Light
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