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 Luminor's interview for Russian "All stars" Magazine

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shylia magnum
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Die Hard
shylia magnum

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PostSubject: Luminor's interview for Russian "All stars" Magazine   Tue 24 Feb 2009 - 20:24

♥️**~CiηCiηα★♫★YuИα~**♥️ [CB-EF]
1. you've left the band (it's really sad) and do you want to tell us why?
I had no chance to come clear and get health in time..this is the only reason .i did not want to leave the band.

2. do you stay in contact with cb?
no, i don..t.

3. what will you do in the future?what about your plans?
I will try to come back in time...solo.

Onyx L. Moonlight [ ♥️♪ ] [ ♥️♥️ ] [ ♪♪ ]
4) Why do you love France and French language so much?
I like the people there and the way of living...i love the beauty there.

5) How did you find out that u where different than others(in a good way of cause, u are beautiful)?
I always knew it because i always was mirrored by this.

6)When did you start writing poems? They are great.
Where do you get the inspiration to then from?
i started when i was 11 years old...it is just a feeling i am writing down ..

7)What do you like in yourself?
My depth and my will to fight ...and i sometimes also like my sadness. When you only earn tragedy ..you have to learn to love it.

Cool Have you any advice for people who are only starting to be musicians?
Just try to believe in your self ...although this is a fucking business.

9)If you could return to the past, what you change in your life?
Too much ...i would change too much .

10) How do you imagine Russia? Do you regret that you couldn’t come here?
Yes, i am very sad about not have the chance to come there ....

11)What don’t you like in your life? And what do you like?
I don..t like my situation right now...I am quite sad...but i like my personal conditions at least.

12)"If you could, like elves or vampires, keep your physical appearance intact through all your existence, along with those of your beloved ones, for how long would you like to live?"
Not for eternity...living for eternity seems like horror to me.

13)« What do you think about the bad comments against Romeo ? »
I don..t leave any comments about this persons.
We have never been friends and we won..t be in future.

coCo R.3.v.3.n.g.3
14)how do u think Cinema Bizarre has contributed to ur overall development?
I learned how to laugh ...and i hardly learned how to cry.

Luminor and Sisi support
15) Do you think you've found your eternal love?
I think so yes.

16) In what century would you like to have lived?
In the fin de siecle....so in sisis time.

17)With what or whom can u complain the world “happiness”. Are u happy now?
Happiness is a word build by situation ..i am happy in some cases..in some i am unhappy.

18)Can you imagine, that u have stopped the time. How could u use this possibility?
I would use it right now. For just a moment of forgetting

19) How is your health now?
I am ok .

20) Was smth unusual in your life for the last time?
Everything! leaving the band .....everything.

Vita Solitaria
21) If you could ask only one question by Empress Elisabeth, what would you ask?
What is it all worth?

22)What is life for you? Can you say smth about the meaning of the life?
Life is a neverending war for me ...so i am something alike a strange soldier.

23) What du you want now most of all?
I want to be back on stage...somehow.

Princess Aie
24)Can you dance waltz?
No ., sadly i can..t.

25) are you afraid of old age?
Now ..i am sometimes afraid of any age.

Fantasy (Off Russian Luminor Support ~Winter Light~)
26) What is Love for you? Can u describe these feeling?
Love is a island you can always return to..Something that is light when all around you disappears in darkness.

Touch the button,
you should sit and listen,
watching as a tear rains in to a broken heart...
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Luminor's interview for Russian "All stars" Magazine
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