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It is the first Mauritian forum for German Rock band Cinema Bizarre. Feel free to join us ^0^
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shylia magnum
Die Hard
Die Hard
shylia magnum

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Age : 27
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1. Do u feel yourself grown up enough to live separate from your parents(or u may be u live now without them?)
Yes, on the beginning it was strange to live without them and see them
so rarely! But every person has to grow up on his own someday! But I
really miss them!

2. Can u tell us,if the big boys cry?
Kiro: I thinks it's not a sign of weakness, sometimes it's just normal! ;D

3. Your biggest regret in the show businnes?
Kiro: There are no regrets, I regret nothing, everything gives me experience, bad things also!

4.Your great regret in fans?
Kiro: Also no regrets ;D

5.What u hadn..t seen in Russia,but u want to see it?
Kiro: There is so much I really want to see, I really want to see the whole moscow!!!! Everything!

6. Do you like Yu’s and Romeos’ tattoos?
Kiro: Yes, they get more and more, I like it, but I wouldn't let do so much tattoos on myself...

7.What is your dream?
Kiro: I live my dream at the moment!

8. You’ll go in USA in spring…..will you forget your Europian/Russian fans???
No, why? Fans should be happy that we go around the world and not
beeing sad! We love it to be everywhere!!! There is no reason to forget

9. If you could join any other band which would it be?
Kiro: There would be no!

What do you think about fans that go in other countries, different from
their own, only to your concerts, that travel around Europe to see you
guys in many performs?
Kiro: It's really amazing when fans do this,... it's a great honour that they love us so much!!! <333 Thx u

This spring you’ll make a tour in USA… If one day you would have the
chance to go to life there, you would accept that or you prefer to live
ever in Germany anyway?
Kiro: Difficult to say now, I don't know what the future will bring, so let's see what will happen! I think it would be cool!

12. What kind of people you don’t like?
Kiro: I don't like people who are selfish, and only see the mistakes on the other people, I hate this!

13. Do you lern on you your mistakes? If yes, can you tell about ONE of your mistakes?
Kiro: In the morning I'm very strange, I get angry very fast but I work on it, to think more positive, also in the morning ;D

14. Did you do well in school?
Kiro: Yes I think so, I was good, but not the best ;D

15. What is your favorite song & what are your fav songs to play?
you mean from cinema bizarre? I like to play deeper and deeper live on
stage ;D And I have a lot of favourites on our new album ;D but, top

16. What german bands do u like?
Kiro: I really like Rammstein! They do a great job!

17. What was the latest movie u have seen?
Kiro: Twilight! It was unbelievable great! I'm addicted!!

18. Do u always eat what Strify cooks?
Kiro: No, sometimes I taste a bit, he can cook good ;D

19. About what du u think staying on the stage?Could it be thoughts,which are not connected with music and CB?
Kiro: Sorry, I didn't get the question,... I only can say that it is the greatest thing to be on stage ;D

20. What do you think about TOYZ?
Kiro: I'm sure u'll like to play with our Toyz ;D

21. Do you like Russian band "BiS". What's songs this band your like?
Kiro: I like t.A.T.u., Serebro, BiS, sergey lazarev and vlad topalov!

Touch the button,
you should sit and listen,
watching as a tear rains in to a broken heart...
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