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 Late 2008: Rockoon Interview

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Late 2008: Rockoon Interview Empty
PostSubject: Late 2008: Rockoon Interview   Late 2008: Rockoon Interview I_icon_minitimeTue 10 Feb 2009 - 23:41

Their new album is eagerly anticipated. In this issue, the four friendly boys tell us what they did other than working at the studio. Furthermore, they give a little review of last year as well as...

Rockoon: What was our New Year's Eve like? What did you do?
Strify: Some scenes: I chucked champagne in a female friend's face, tossed my hair about like the girls in films or music videos do, we sang ABBA, chopped shirts up in order to make Chippendales collars, were at a club where my favourite drag queen worked as DJane for the night, and eventually, we went to sleep...
Kiro: We had a really cool party at a good friend's place and moved on to a club afterwards! It's always a highlight to celebrate New Year's Eve in Berlin, I think; it's just breathtakingly beautiful!
Yu: I was at my parents' together with friends and Romeo, I had quite a bad cold ever since my birthday though which forced me to stay in bed the whole day. At midnight, I looked at the fireworks for a moment, but wasn't really capable of doing anything more. (laughs)
Shin: I spent New Year's Eve together with Strify and Kiro and very good friends for the first time. Celebrating New Year's Eve with them was really fun. Because I don't like firecrackers and rockets, I did without setting off fireworks yet another time!

And what was January 1st like?
Yu: More or less the same as December 31st. However, I was as fit as a fiddle again on January 2nd and went to do some serious shopping and spent a lot of time with my friends and Romeo.
Strify: I think it wasn't much different than the 2nd and the 3rd – probably apart from sleeping a bit more because I didn't end up in bed before sometime in the morning.
Kiro: Erm...I recovered from the night before so to say. (laughs)
Shin: Sleeping late...and waking up sometime to realise that it's January 2nd already.

And in addition to certainly cool things you wish for: What are your great plans for the year 2009 – other than finishing the new album and playing numerous concerts?
Strify: Alas, I will start from scratch... The ultimate goal is to make a little bit of Pop history and to leave a mark. I think, 2009 is a nice start for this. Moreover, Cinema Bizarre's territory will be a little broadened. (grins)
Shin: I will beat the drums into my brain and straighten my hair to death with my straightener even more. (laughs)
Yu: I am, once again, aiming high and will, as in 2008, hopefully be able to make it all.
Kiro: All I want is to enjoy this year! Travel many places and have tons of fun!

And what was the best Christmas present you got?
Yu: A wonderful evening...
Shin: A new suitcase because we will be out and about again soon, and I can sit on this suitcase and roll around on the airport. (grins)
Strify: Actually, this year I was glad that Christmas was over so soon. Hm, but a present from a fan in Florence was unique indeed. A little sculpture made of plastic that had been professionally painted and looked like I. Now I can finally play with myself. (laughs)
Kiro: I was happy about everything! What I always like in particular is to get to spend time with my family and to enjoy the delicious food!

Let's talk some more about last year: What person left the greatest impact on you?
Strify: Lady GaGa. I got a demo version of her album in Paris in June and fell in love at once. The album is great and she's an incredibly talented woman. Then, when I first spotted the video to Just Dance, it swept me off my feet. I'm sure Lady GaGa will make it big, and a collaboration of her and Cinema Bizarre is a dream that had already formed in 2008. (grins)
Yu: -miyavi-.
Kiro: That's something I cannot answer or, rather, there were so many people who impressed me! I cannot give a specific name! I find Lady GaGa very interesting, for example, she makes great music!
Shin: That's a difficult question... We met so many interesting persons, I cannot really tie myself down.

And who would you call the dork of the year 2008?
Yu: Amy Winehouse?
Kiro: There are quite a few dorks! But I cannot think of anybody off the top of my head!
Shin: Shin. (laughs)
Strify: Definitely Sarah Palin. If even a person like I, who is non-political and therefore setting a bad example, realises the lack of know how of this woman who wanted to accept such important office, it's beyond question who the dork is. What I've got to hand to her though: She was really entertaining.

What was your film of the year?
Kiro: Amongst others, I found the film Blindness well worth seeing!
Shin: WALL-E! I've been at the cinema a lot this year, but somehow I forgot about most of the films...
Yu: Wanted, amazing film, great scenes, good message and as if it had been made for a man. (laughs)
Strify: Most Hollywood blockbusters you get to see are only made for the big screen. Of the films I saw at the cinema, Batman – The Dark Knight was one to leave a lasting impression on me, surely also due to the Heath Ledger-myth surrounding this film.

Actress of the year?
Yu: Angelina Jolie.
Strify: I'm a big fan of Scarlett Johansson in general. Next year, the film adaptation of The Reader starring Kate Winslet will be in theatres and I really look forward to it. Oh, and only recently I saw the 80s film Death Becomes Her and thought Meryl Streep was brilliant.
Kiro: I think Katharine Isabelle is a great actress!
Shin: Angelina Jolie.

And actor of the year?
Yu: Johnny Depp.
Shin: WALL-E.
Strify: Heath Ledger. I've been a great fan ever since 10 Things I Hate About You. And as cruel as it may sound, death is still what makes you most famous. Even more so when your last performance is as brilliant as his as Joker. Sad but true. But that's how he will live on.
Kiro: None in particular.

What's the nicest sentence someone said about you in 2008?
Strify: Sometimes it's not what is said to you that's important but rather who says it.
Shin: "You are the most stupid person I know", by Strify... (grins)
Kiro: Many great sentences were said in the year 2008; it is, for example, nice to hear when people tell us how much we developed. That is, or so do I think, a very nice compliment!

On December 1st, there was Strify in your Online Advent Calendar singing a part of "Modern Lover" at the studio. Is this the title of a song from your upcoming album?
Kiro: Everything has its meaning and ulterior motives! (laughs)
Strify: Yes, as you can easily recognise, the song is called Modern Lover. Only yesterday, we decided that it will end up on the album. We're takin' love to a new dimension.

On December 24, there was the new song It's Over in your Advent Calendar. A beautiful ballad. Where did the inspiration for this song come from?
Strify: This song was one of the first we recorded for the album at the end of summer last year. It will most probably not make it on the album regularly, but before we get going again for real in spring, we wanted to present our fans with something special to thank them for their lasting loyalty.
Kiro: We thought it a nice idea to release this particular song on Christmas as "thanks" to all our fans! And in order to make their holiday season. (grins) Furthermore, it's a topic practically everyone can relate to!

Are you finished recording the album now?
Kiro: No, not yet, but it won't take that long anymore!
Yu: We're still working on it; wait and then play! (laughs)
Strify: By now, we're at the final stage and want to be finished by the end of January. At the moment, we're busy deciding about the artwork and I'm recording my last parts.
Shin: Not yet, but very soon. Strify and I are recording our last parts at the moment.

Congratulations to the "European Border Breakers Award", an award that, for example, Wir sind Helden or Juli have won before. How do you feel and what does this award mean to you?
Shin: That's our first award, and we're very proud it's such a big European one... and then from the European Union, too! (grins)
Yu: I think it's great! To receive the award for best-selling debut album outside your home country is awesome and I'm very proud of it! (grins!
Kiro: Thanks a lot! This award means a lot to me, it's a great honour for me and we're happy about it! It's just wonderful feedback! We owe it to our fans throughout Europe!
Strify: A prize from the European Committee is something completely different than a prize from a music channel or the like... and that is, at any rate, a great acknowledgement of what we did the last two years. A nice completion of the first album, proof that it was all worthwhile and a thanks to everybody who believed in us and who we've been working with.

Please comment on Luminor's departure...
Kiro: It's very tragic and we will fight on! We had a very nice time with Luminor that I'll never forget!
Strify: Sometimes people go their separate ways even if they once believed they would never do so. But everybody has his own path to walk even though you may share it with someone else. You can try to stick to it or you can walk on and take the best with you. I believe that the latter is the only thing that helps you grow. After all, you only have this one life and don't know if there is anything before or after it. But even if your ways separate, nobody should ever lose sight of his/her ambitions.
Shin: To start with, Luminor will take the time he needs to get better. We all hope he will feel better soon. He will always be a part of Cinema Bizarre. It's all very very sad how it happened but we cannot do anything but respect his decision.

2009 will be a great year because...
Kiro: ...I know. (laughs)
Strify: ...there will be toys for everybody! Do you wanna play?
Yu: ...I'm great, haha... (grins)
Shin: ...there will be a lot of toys.

Touch the button,
you should sit and listen,
watching as a tear rains in to a broken heart...
Late 2008: Rockoon Interview Vvbgw
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Late 2008: Rockoon Interview
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